Disclosure Statement - AR2


Mandatory Disclosures in Arbitration Cases Pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 222

Instructions: Complete this disclosure statement using all the information available to you at the time you are required to file this disclosure. Any effort to avoid disclosure of the information required to be disclosed in this statement is a serious violation of the Supreme Court Rule and could result in the trial court imposing sanctions provided for in Supreme Court Rules 219 and 222, including but not limited to dismissal of your action, entry of a default judgment against you, barring the testimony of any undisclosed witness or barring the introduction of other evidence which should have been disclosed but was not. You have a continuing duty to supplement, update and revise this disclosure statement whenever new or different information or documents become known. Your disclosure must include information and data in your possession, custody or control as well as that which can be ascertained, learned or acquired by reasonable inquiry and investigation. If additional space is needed, you may attach additional sheet(s).

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