Judge Nash Standing Order

  1. Court attendance may be via Zoom or in person subject to the following:
    1. Parties and attorneys may appear via Zoom.  Witnesses must appear in person.  If a party is also a witness, they must appear in person except by leave of court.
    2. All contested evidentiary hearings and pre-trials, admission/adjudicatory hearings including V.A.P. Authentication hearings are mandatory in-person proceedings (including attorneys), except by leave of court.
    3. Status dates, case management dates and attorney hearings by representation may remain on Zoom without leaving court.
  2. Hard copies of pre-trial memos are due 24-48 hours in advance of a hearing.  Full memos are not required, you can be brief.
  3. Courtesy copies are only required for substantive motions/hearings.  They follow the same rules as above.
  4. Attorneys may e-mail the judge directly (not self-represented parties).  All other attorneys or parties must be CC’d.