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Please see our frequently asked questions below.  If you still have a question, please contact our office at (815) 727-8592.


Where can I find my case information?

You can find your case information on the Case Lookup link on our homepage.  You can search using your name, case number or ticket number and find court date information and the amount of money owed, if applicable.

What are my options when I receive a Traffic Citation?

The Circuit Clerk's Office cannot offer you legal advice, and an attorney is best suited to answer questions about your specific situation.  However, general information is included below.

Generally, your options depend if your Traffic Citation requires you to appear in Court or not.

If your Traffic Citation indicates that you must appear in Court, plan to attend the Court date listed on your citation.

If your Traffic Citation does not require that you appear in Court, you may:

1) Request Court Supervision- continue reading below to confirm that you meet the eligibility guidelines;

2) Request a Conviction by Mail;

3) Plead Not Guilty and Appear at Your Assigned Court Date.

You should consult with an attorney and review the Traffic Citation Handout for additional information about your options.

What are the terms of supervision?

Once granted, the term of supervision received by pleading guilty through the mail or iGuilty is 180 days.  You must attend the traffic safety program within 160 days of our office receiving your plea.

How do I know if I’m eligible to receive supervision?

Our office is unable to provide legal advice and thus we cannot tell you if you are eligible for court supervision.  You must make that determination on your own.  The Secretary of State will contact you directly if they conclude that you are not eligible even if you have already received supervision from the court.  Specifically, the following must be true in order for you to receive supervision in Will County:

  1. You have not been placed on Court Supervision (by court appointment or by participating in this or any other Traffic Safety Program) for any other traffic violation issued within 12 months (365) of this violation; and
  2. The NO COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED box, located on the bottom portion of your ticket, has been marked; AND
  3. You are 18 years old or older at the time you received the citation.
PLEASE NOTE: if you have more than one charge from a traffic stop (multiple citations), you CANNOT receive court supervision without coming to court and requesting it from the judge, pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 529(b).  Plead and Pay and Mail Pay supervisions will only be granted if you received a single charge.

Do I have to come to court?

The bottom of your traffic citation will indicate whether you are required to attend court.  If your ticket is marked “No Court Appearance Required” then you may avoid court by either pleading guilty and sending certified payment by mail or online through our iGuilty website.  If your ticket is marked “Court Appearance Required” then you will be required to attend court and see the judge.  If you received more than one citation as a result of your traffic stop, you must appear in court.  Please note that if you do not both plead guilty AND pay in full before your court date, you will incur an ex parte conviction and risk a higher court fine.

I can’t attend court on the date I was given.  How do I reschedule my court date?

You cannot move back your court date to a later date.  You may move your court date forward by filing a Motion to Advance, using form 48E under the Traffic section of our Forms page.  Be aware that you will be required to physically attend court on the date you select on Form 48E.

I missed my court date.  What do I do?

 If you missed your court date you should first check to see what happened in court in your absence by clicking on “Case Lookup” on our homepage.  If a judgment was entered you can either pay the fine amount and the case will be closed, or you can pay a motion fee and file a Motion to Vacate the judgment and get a new court date.  You would use form 48E to file that motion.

Can I attend online traffic school?

Yes, the Will County Bar Association has an online traffic safety program.  More information can be found at www.willcountytrafficschool.com.

Is there online court for traffic cases?

As of September 7, 2021 all traffic cases will be heard at our court facilities.  Zoom will no longer be an option unless you have specific approval from the judge in your case.

Is there e-filing in traffic cases?

Yes, e-filing is allowed in traffic (TR), major traffic (MT), and driving under the influence (DT) cases in Will County.

Are there special rules for minors in traffic court?

Defendants under the age of 18 may not receive supervision without a parent/guardian attending court with the minor to consent to supervision.  Further rules regarding the driving privileges of young drivers can be found here.

I received a citation for not having insurance but I have my insurance card.  What are my options?

You can either attend your court date and show the judge proof of your valid insurance from the date you received the citation, or come into the courthouse at our 1st floor customer service windows and show one of our clerks.  You would also have to sign an Affidavit form, at which point your case would be dismissed.

Moving Violations Involving Minors

Please note, effective 1-1-08 and pursuant to Public Act 95-310:

Defendants under the age of 18 who are charged with moving violations may not receive a disposition of court supervision unless they personally appear in court with their parent or guardian.   The parent or guardian must execute a written consent before the Judge.

Uninsured Motorist

If you received a citation for operating a vehicle without insurance because you failed to have proof of your insurance with you, you may present a valid insurance card, vehicle registration and signed affidavit at the court house and that ticket will be dismissed. The insurance must have been in effect when the citation was issued. Mandatory Insurance Affidavit

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