Adoption (AD)

Adoption cases include both minor and adult adoption.

The petitioner's attorney shall have the duty of notifying the investigating agency or officer of their appointment by the Court within seven (7) days after entry of the order appointing the agency is filed.

After the return of the report of the investigator, the adoption matter will be set for hearing by the Court upon request of counsel. In the case of a non-related child, non-agency, related or agency adoption, the child's presence in open court will be required at the time of hearing on the Judgment for Adoption unless excused by the Court for good cause.



Adoption FAQ's

On Mondays at 1:30 p.m. in Courtroom 2 at River Valley Justice Center, 3208 W. McDonough St., Joliet. There is a limit of 10 cases each Monday.
No, however an attorney would be helpful to advise you on the correct procedures. The Circuit Clerk's Office cannot provide legal advice.
Send a request to the Chief Judge's Office and provide as much information as possible including a picture I.D. and contact information.
No. Adoption cases are impounded (sealed).
If the judgment was entered within the last 30 days, the individuals on the case or the attorney of record only can obtain a copy form the Circuit Clerk's Office. If the judgment was entered more than 30 days, a notice and motion will need to be completed and a court date scheduled for the adoption call to obtain a court order form the adoption Judge. If the motion is granted, a certified copy can be obtained from the Circuit Clerk's Office.
Adoption Forms
Adoption Notice - 1B

Form Giving Notice That a Petition for Adoption was Filed for Publication in Newspaper

Adoption Notice - 1B