Judge Jarz Standing Order

  1. Attendance at court as of August 1, 2021 may be by Zoom or in person.
    1. Those attending via Zoom should remain muted when not addressing the court.
    2. Zoom attendants must use both audio and video.
    3. No person shall use Zoom who is operating a vehicle or engaged in any other activity distracting their attention from court proceedings.
  2. All trials or any evidentiary hearings requiring the testimony of a witness other than by affidavit shall be conducted in person in the courtroom.  Any trial or evidentiary hearing involving the presentation of videos, photographs, diagrams, demonstrative exhibits, medical records or original records shall be conducted in person in the courtroom.
  3. Courtesy copies should not be emailed or sent by regular mail.  A copy of the correspondence to counsel regarding courtesy copies is available.
  4. I review the electronic record to prepare for hearings.
  5. A one sentence courtesy reminder letter from counsel during the week preceding a scheduled contested hearing to alert me of the upcoming date is appreciated but not mandatory.
  6. Any correspondence to me must be done with copies to opposing counsel or parties.
  7. A copy of my standard Trial Proceedings Order is available.