Section 5.2 of the Criminal Identification Act (20 ILCS 2630/5.2) allows qualifying arrests, supervisions and convictions to be either expunged or sealed.

  • You can visit both www.illinoiscourts.gov/Forms/approved and http://state.il.us/defender/exp.html to review informational material and necessary forms.
  • Forms must be electronically filed.
  • Please note that you will need to provide all mailing addresses for recipients receiving notice -- this would include the Illinois State Police and every individual police agency that was involved in all of the cases you list on your petition. There is a seperate statutory mailing fee charged per recipient.
  • Agencies have sixty (60) days to file an objection after receiving the Request to Expunge or Seal. The Clerk of the Court will set up a status appearance date approximately seventy (70) days from the initial filing date to allow for enough time for agencies to respond.
  • You should appear in court on the status date, time and location set forth by our office.  You should bring a (blank) Order for the Judge to fill out after your hearing.  These forms can be found at the same Access to Justice link shown above.
  • If no objections were filed within the allowed time, you will present an Order to the Judge if your request/petition is granted.  If written objections were filed within the allowed time, the Judge shall order that a hearing be scheduled (approximately 30 days from the initial court date). The Judge shall order the Clerk of the Court to notify all agencies of the hearing date. 
  • If the Order is granted,you must pay the Clerk of the Court to prepare and mail out certified copies to all recipients/agencies receiving notice.  Additionally, you must furnish a personal check or money order to the Circuit Clerk payable to the Department of the State Police in the amount of $60.00 (per MR court order). Refer to the Illinois Complied Statute 20 ILCS 2630/5(j) to obtain details regarding collection provisions of the Office of the Illinois State Police. 

Note to Customer: You must pay both fees at the same time, otherwise mailings of the certified copies of the order will not be mailed out to the recipients/agencies. 


Pursuant to Administrative Order of the 12th Judicial Circuit Court, the requests are heard by the Presiding Judge of the Felony Division in Courtroom 405 at the Will County Court House, 100 W. Jefferson Street, Joliet, Illinois on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. 



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Expungement Instructions & Forms

Criminal Case Expungement Fact Sheet 

Fact Sheet is only available through the Illinois Director of Expungement Unit. 

Expungement & Sealing Unit
400 W. Monroe St., Suite 202
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You may call the toll-free hotline phone number (866) 787-1776.
E-mail: Expungement@osad.state.il.us
Or visit their website at: https://osad.illinois.gov/