Judge Pavich Standing Order

  1. Guardianship probate cases plan on allowing ZOOM. No full phase out is planned.
    1. Zoom ID: 963 988 4732   Password: 002002
  2. Any attorney or litigant may attend via Zoom unless directed by the Court to attend in person.
  3. Evidentiary hearings and citation returns will occur in person unless such attendance is expressly excused by the Court.
  4. Pre-trial memos are not required, but if you are sending, please use e-mail (not fax) at judgepavich@il12thcourt.gov.
  5. Courtesy copies are due via e-mail 3 days prior to the hearing.
  6. Attorneys may e-mail Judge Pavich directly (judgepavich@il12thcourt.gov) as long as all other attorneys/parties are CC’d.