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The Office of the Circuit Clerk provides the ability to e-file documents in the following civil case types: AD, AR, CH, D, DC, DN, ED, EV, F, FA, FC, GC, GR, L, LA, LM, MC, MH, MR, OP, P, PR, SC and TX.  We also offer filings in cases that have already been opened in the following criminal and quasi-criminal case types: CF, CM, CL, CV, DT, DV, MT, OV, QC, TR. All juvenile case types (J, JA, JD and JV) must be filed conventionally.  Please note that although Probate cases are allowed to be electronically-filed, ORIGINAL WILLS (EVEN AS PART OF A PROBATE CASE) MUST BE FILED CONVENTIONALLY.

You must register with a certified E-file Service Provider to file documents in Illinois.  Certified providers can be found by clicking on the link.  All users are requested to carefully review Section 18 of the Local Court Rules for further information regarding e-filing.


Pursuant to an Illinois Supreme Court mandate, as of January 1, 2018, all counties in the state must exclusively receive civil court filings through eFileIL, an E-File Service Manager operated by Tyler Technologies, Inc.
For a step-by-step guide to assist with the efiling process please visit the link below:
All civil cases must be e-filed. The only case types that cannot be e-filed in Will County at this time are juvenile cases.
Other than the case exceptions noted above, the state has carved out certain exceptions to filing cases electronically. Should you wish to file for an exemption from e-filing in any civil case, you must fill out and file this form with our office: CERTIFICATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM E-FILING
We do not accept e-mailed documents. You must actually file the documents through a state-approved e-file service provider. These providers operate websites that allow you to attach your documents and send them to the court. A list of approved providers you can use is found under E-Filing Service Providers on the right on this page.
Each service provider website operates a little differently and as such, we cannot assist you with individual filings. You should contact the providers or read their instructions or FAQs contained on their page for help in e-filing.
For a step-by-step guide to assist with the efiling process please visit the link below:
Yes, although if you are filing in a case where e-filing is mandatory, our clerks will be available to assist you in electronically-filing the documents at one of our e-filing kiosks.
The State of Illinois has further information you might find helpful, including a FAQ page, a list of document standards and E-Filing Procedures and User Manual.
For a step-by-step guide to assist with the efiling process please visit the link below:
Your e-mail confirming the rejection should have had comments included that describes the reason for the rejection. For reference, nearly every single rejected filing is because of a defect in the pleading (e.g., multiple PDFs attached as a single document) of a technical defect (e.g., a PDF containing embedded fonts).
For questions regarding the e-fileIL project or questions about the Odyssey web site, please contact Tyler Technologies at 800-297-5377 or at efiling.support@tylertech.com.
You may contact the Will County Circuit Clerk with any county-specific questions at 815-727-8592 or at circuit_clerk@willcountyillinois.com. 
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