Tax (TX)

This case type includes the following:

  • Annual Tax Sale
  • Drainage Assessment
  • Foreclosure of Lien for Special Assessment
  • Retailer’s Occupation Tax
  • Special Assessment (to Change or Restrict Collection)
  • Tax Commission (Review of Decision)
  • Tax Refund/Objection

Filing of Objections

All Objections must be filed with the Circuit Court Clerk and signed and sworn to by the property owners on forms provided by the Clerk.

Filing of Certain Petitions

Note that Petitions for Tax Deed, Sale in Error, and Tax Objections (when taxes were sold) are filed into the Annual Tax Sale cases.  As such, they are not new cases and do not incur a new case filing fee.  However, all petitions of those types will require the Petitioner to file an Appearance and pay an Appearance fee.

Filing Fees


Filing Fee

$.01 - $2,500 $139.00
$2,500.01 - $10,000 $314.00

Tax Forms