Summons - Adoption - 1D

Adoption Notice - 1B

Form Giving Notice That a Petition for Adoption was Filed for Publication in Newspaper

Petition for Adoption - 4A

Initial Petition to Start the Adoption Process

Order for Investigation - 4B

Order Mandating an Pre-Adoption Investigation

Surrender of Unborn Child for Purpose of Adoption - 3D

Affidavit Signed by Father to Surrender Unborn Child for Adoption to Agency

Consent to Adoption of Unborn Child - 3C

Appearance and Consent of Father to Allow Adoption of Unborn Child

Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem - Adoption -3B

Order Appointing a Guardian Ad Litem to Represent and File Pleadings on Behalf of a Child

Affidavit of Mother to Putative Father - 1C

Mother's Affidavit of Putative Father and to Give Notice of Intent to Place Child for Adoption

Request for Notice to Putative Father & Affidavit - 2F

Notice Form Sent with Mother's Affidavit (Form 1C) to Putative Father Informing Him of Intent to Place Child for Adoption

Affidavit of Adopting Parent - 1F

Compensation or Other Things of Value Either Paid, Given or Promised to be Paid or Given by the Adopting Parent

Affidavit of Biological Parent - 1A

To Be Completed Separately by Each Parent Except in Case of Agency Adoption

Interim Order - 3F

Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem to Represent the Best Interests of the Child to be Adopted

Decree of Adoption - 3E

The Decree of Adoption is Signed by the Judge to Officially Legalize the Adoption

Certificate of Adoption

Form from Illinois Vital Records