Community Service Listing #2 - (English)


List of Community Service Providers That May Be Contacted for Volunteer Opportunities

In order to be credited for your time, written proof must be provided on the organization’s letterhead with the following:

- Dates the work was performed
- Hours worked
- Type of work performed (cleaning, filing, etc.)
- Name, title, and contact number of your supervisor at the PSW site

Please keep a copy of the letter for your own records. The original must be submitted to the Court. Please note that the Court may call and verify the accuracy of the letter. Failure to perform PSW could result in the filing of a petition to revoke your supervision, conditional discharge, or probation. You may face jail time.

Working for a business and getting paid will NOT meet the requirements for your PSW time. You must not receive financial compensation for any of your efforts.  On-Line PSW will NOT be accepted by the Court.

Each organization reserves the right to exclude certain offenses and may have a minimum age requirement and/or screening process. If you are denied the opportunity to do your PSW with an organization, it is your responsibility to bring proof of the denial to Court. This does not excuse you from not completing your PSW hours – contact another agency!

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