Criminal/Civil/Restitution Payments

Pay outstanding court assessments in criminal or misdemeanor traffic cases (CM, CF, MT, DT, DV), Civil Law Violations (CL), Ordinance violations (OV), all outstanding civil case assessments and restitution payments.  The Circuit Clerk’s Office uses AllPaid (formerly GovPayNet) to facilitate online court payments. AllPaid charges a fee for their online service. However, the Circuit Clerk’s Office only collects the amount actually owed.

Past Due Assessments & Fines

The Will County State's Attorney has contracted with the firm Arnold Scott Harris, P.C. (Harris & Harris) to assist in the collection of 90 days past due assessments and fines previously ordered by the Court.  Please note that you may use the Court-Ordered Payments link above to pay past due fees.  If you have questions about a collection notice you received, please contact Harris & Harris directly.

Harris & Harris 
website: https://harriscollect.com/

Email: info@pay-harris-law-firm.com
Phone: (815) 846-5110
Phone: (312) 759-5400


Charges additional 3.5% fee. Example:  For a $164.00 payment an additional convenience fee of $5.74 is charged. Accepts all major credit cards. 
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