Eviction (EV)

This case category includes Commercial & Residential evictions and Ejectment actions.

Link to State-Approved Eviction Forms and Informational Packets

Eviction Forms

Civil / Family Warrant Application - 23E-2

Warrant of Arrest Prepared for a Judge's Signature Used in All Civil Case Types

Pursuant to ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 92–30 CIVIL WARRANTS, this warrant application must be completed and then presented for filing to the Will County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

NOTE: For cases with the letter prefix of L, SC, and LM - a service fee receipt for payment from the Will County Sheriff’s Office must be attached prior to submission to the Clerk’s Office. 


Upon receipt of the application, the Clerk of the Circuit Court shall prepare the warrant, the Judge shall sign the warrant, and the Clerk shall forward the warrant to the Sheriff’s Office Warrant Division for processing and service.  All information requested on this form is required and must be provided, unless a written waiver is obtained from a Judge.




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