Judge Rickmon Standing Order

  1. Parties are to appear in person for all hearings unless specifically allowed by the Court to appear by Zoom.
  2. Those parties who appear in person may submit Agreed Orders (on cases filed after January 1, 2021) before the call begins.  Agreed Orders will be accepted if submitted before 9:15 a.m.  On all cases filed after January 1, 2021, parties may submit agreed orders via Odyssey E-file Illinois.  Those Orders should be submitted 48 hours in advance of the status date and the proposed Order should explain where the parties are in terms of discovery and what discovery will be completed by the next proposed status date.
  3. No courtesy copies of any pleading or memorandum is to be submitted.  If the pleadings make reference to photographs or videos, those exhibits may be mailed or electronically sent to the court for review.