Judge Osterberger Standing Order

  1. All cases scheduled via a court date PRECEDING June 21 remain Zoom unless otherwise specified.  
  2. All cases scheduled via a court date AFTER June 21 are in person including new filings unless expressly ordered otherwise.
  3. Only those litigants with ZOOM dates already scheduled may use Zoom.   This includes Attorneys and SRLs.  Attorneys who have both in person and Zoom cases on a particular day must appear in person. 
  4. Trials have been in person at 1:30 pm (since January 2021).
  5. I expect ZOOM to be phased out by mid-September as there will be very few cases remaining that are set for ZOOM. 
  6. So long as I have a ZOOM case set, any observer is free to log in.  If no ZOOM case is set, I will not start ZOOM. 
  7. I do not require courtesy copies.