Judge Bertani Standing Order - Probate (Decedent's Estates)

January 5, 2023

  1. Zoom will remain in effect until further Order:
    1. Zoom ID:  719 811 8159   Password:  002002
    2. Any attorney or litigant may attend via Zoom unless directed by the Court to attend in person.
    3. Evidentiary Hearings and Citation Returns shall be in person.
  2. Probate Email for sending Proposed Orders to be signed. See also, 7 below.
    1. judgebertani@il12thcourt.gov.
    2. This email shall not be used for other than sending Orders as noted herein.
  3. Odyssey and Proposed Orders  
    1. I have my own Queue, use it.
    2. Do not file Proposed Orders in Odyssey, it just gums up the system. See  2, above.
  4. Courtesy Copies              
    1. When Necessary, 7 days prior to hearing.
    2. Courtesy copies are not needed for pleadings of 15 or less pages including exhibits.
    3. Those exceeding that level may be presented by mail or hand delivery, Chambers 315, or in open court.
    4. Generally no courtesy copies are ever needed for routine motions
    5. When courtesy copies are sent, all enclosures must also be sent to all parties or counsel, if represented.
  5. The Call will start at 9:00 a.m.
  6. All Motions will set for presentment at 9:00 a.m.
    1. Hearings for relatively short matters will be set at 10:30 a.m.
    2. More lengthy matters and evidentiary hearings will be set at 1:30
  7. Opening and Closing an Estate.
    1. Have your Affidavit of Heirship on file prior to Court, as well was any receipts, vouchers, etc. 
    2. Kindly send the following to the Court in advance either by email, mail or hand delivery if you are appearing by Zoom. This procedure will streamline matters for the Clerk, and result in earlier access to Letters of Office. Please note that this is not mandatory,  but would be appreciated.  See Item 7.
      1. Order Admitting
      2. Order Appointing Executor or Administrator
      3. Order of Heirship
      4. Oath and Bond
      5. Order Closing Estate and Discharging Representative.
      6. Any other document the Court must sign to open or close an Estate
  8. In Court Orders
    1. If you are appearing in Court, I would prefer Orders to be filled out and presented contemporaneously.  It lessens the work my Clerk is required to do once Court is over.
    2. All Orders setting hearings for “all pending matters” will be rejected. Be Specific if you want me to prepare.
  9. Kindly date your Orders upon presentation.