Petition for Waiver of One Day Waiting Period - 80

Waiver May Be Used in When a Marriage License is Sought



The petitioners will obtain the form (#80) located in the Will County Circuit Clerk’s Office – Customer Service Room 212. At that time the clerk should inform the petitioners that they will need a total of $88.00 to file their papers. (The breakdown is $28.00 cash or personal check to the Will County Clerk and $60.00 cash or money order to the Will County Circuit Clerk *Debit/Credit accepted; additional service fee.)

The petitioners will fill out the form and must sign it in the presence of a deputy clerk if not previously notarized. -If the customer wants to sign it in the presence of the deputy clerk the petitioners will need to provide the clerk two forms of official identification such a driver’s license or state identification and birth certificates (original or certified copy) to confirm the identity of the two petitioners. Upon confirmation of the petitioners’ identification, the deputy clerk should sign the form using the present clerks name and their initials. (EX: Pamela J. McGuire/ AC)

The petitioners will pay $42.00 cash or money order for a Miscellaneous Remedy (MR) case number to be assigned to the form, the form will be time stamped, and the case will be entered into the computer system. The deputy clerk should obtain the file jacket from the civil vault and prepare the case file using the original documents. The deputy clerk should keep a copy of the petition to be scanned.

The deputy clerk should then escort the petitioners along with the court file containing the original form to the Chief Judge’s Office (C.J.O.). The court file is to be given to the personnel of the Chief Judge’s Office or directly to the Judge assigned to hear this matter. C.J.O. staff may ask customer service staff member to assist with getting the parties to the judge’s chamber or courtroom. -Once the order has been signed by the Judge, the file and the petitioners will be escorted by proper personnel (C.J.O. staff member/clerk/bailiff) back to the Customer Service counter Room 212. The deputy clerk needs to time-stamp, register the order and keep a copy to be scanned. The petitioners shall pay for and obtain a certified copy ($8.00 cash or money order) of the order to take to the Will County Clerk’s Office, 302 N. Chicago St., Joliet, Illinois. At that office they will pay for and obtain their marriage license ($28.00 cash or personal check) to be issued. The court file should be given to the QC Manager so that the corresponding minutes and closed code will be added to the docket of the case.

The petitioners will return to the Will County Circuit Clerk’s Office - Customer Service Room 212 along with their newly issued marriage licenses, appropriate fee, and inquire to perform the marriage ceremony during the hours of: 11:00 am to 11:45 and 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm. The deputy clerk will prepare the marriage licenses, collect and receipt the ($10.00 cash or money order) payment for marriage in court, and contact the Judge assigned to the marriage/civil union schedule to perform the ceremony. The deputy clerks should direct the couple to the correct courtroom or escort the couple to the Judge’s chambers.

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