Petition to Reduce, Increase or Terminate Support - 18E Part 4

Form Used to Request an a Reduction, Increase or Termination of Child or Spousal Support

Motion to Terminate Support - Form 18E Part 3

Motion to Terminate Child Support Because Child Has Reached Age 18 or Graduated High School

Financial Disclosure and Affidavit (State Form)

Required to be Completed by the Parties in All Family/Divorce Cases

Father's Petition to Determine Parentage/Custody/Visitation/Set Child Support - 156

Form Used to Initiate Motions in Family Law Matters Related to Parentage, Custody, Visitation or Child Support

Mother's Petition to Determine Parentage/Custody/Visitation/Set Child Support - 157

Form Used to Initiate Motions in Family Law Matters Related to Parentage, Custody, Visitation or Child Support

Petition for Rule to Show Cause for Indirect Civil Contempt - 164

Motion Used to Request the Other Party Be Held in Contempt For Not Following Court Order

Motion to Extend or Modify Civil No Contact Order - Form 18E Part 5

Motion Used to Extend or Modify (or Request Dismissal of) a Previously-Entered No Contact Order

Domestic Violence Counseling Programs

Petition for Temporary Relief - 163

Motion Used to Request Child Support, Spousal Support and/or Attorney's Fees While a Case is Pending

Affidavit as to Non-Military Service - 167

Affidavit Stating the Petitioner is Not Serving in the U.S. Military at the Time of Filing

Waiver of Service, Entry of Appearance and Consent - 166

Form Signed by Respondent When They Consent to Service, File an Appearance, Do Not Desire Further Notice and Consent to Judgment

Mediation Report

Order Signed by Mediator Assigned in Custody, Removal to Another State or Visitation Matter

Mediation Evaluation for Parties

Survey of Parties to Mediation to be Completed After Mediation

Order Appointing GAL/Representative/Attorney - CO 19

Order Used to Appoint a Guardian Ad Litem, Representative or Attorney for Minor Child(ren)

Affidavit of Acceptance - 153

Affidavit Signed by Supervisor of Minor Visitation Where Supervised Visitation Occurs

Parenting Class Information

Information Regarding Court-Ordered Parenting Classes in Will County

Order of Support - F-SO-002-A

Order of Support/Maintenance/Insurance/Child Support Data Sheet

Income Withholding Order for Support - F-SO-001-A

Form Sent to Employer of Obligor for Income Withholding

High Conflict Parenting Order - 121

Order Directing Parties to Participate in High Conflict Parenting Group

Notice of Foreign Support Order - 44E

Notice of Child Support Order From Another Jurisdiction Filed in Will County

Notice of Foreign Child Custody Determination - 44D

Form Notifying Parties that a Foreign Child Custody Determination is Filed in Will County

Notice of Administrative Support Order - 44C

Form Notifying Parties That an Administrative Support Order Has Been Filed

Judgment of Paternity - 21G

Order Establishing Paternity of a Child

Admission of Paternity - 21F

Order Signed by Father Admitting Paternity of a Child

Summons: Family - 45B

Summons Used to Notify Parties of Petitions Filed in Family Cases

Domestic Relations Publications Packet

Packet Containing the Required Forms for Publication of Notice in Dissolution/Family Cases

Notice of Personal Information Within Court Filing

Civil Data Sheet for Dissolution Cases Containing Personal Information That is Impounded

Civil / Family Warrant Application - 23E-2

Warrant of Arrest Prepared for a Judge's Signature Used in All Civil Case Types

Civil Mediation Report - CO 21

Order Signed by Mediator After Mediation Occurs

Order for Civil Mediation - CO 20

Order Signed by Judge Referring Parties to Mediation (General Civil Order)

Affidavit to Replace Uncashed Child Support Check

This Affidavit is Needed to Request a Replacement for a Lost Child Support Check

Mediation Order - CO12

Order Signed by Judge Referring Parties to Mediation (Parenting Issues)

Latest Forms Approved by Illinois Supreme Court

Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice is pleased to announce it has approved the Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (Divorce No Children) form suite for public use. 

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