Chancery (CH)

is an equitable relief in matters such as foreclosures, trusts, and title to real property.

This case type includes the following:

  • Construction of Inter vivos trust
  • Construction of testamentary trust (after P (probate) case is disposed)
  • Exhume body
  • Foreclosure of security interest in personal property
  • Injunction (except in Tax and Dissolution cases)
  • Interpleader
  • Mechanic’s lien foreclosure
  • Partition
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Quiet title
  • Real estate mortgage foreclosure
  • Rescission Of contract
  • Restraining order
  • Specific Performance
  • Structured settlement, original action to assign
  • Trust administration



Filing Fees

Amount of Claim                                                                             Filing Fee

Cases other than mortgage foreclosures                                  $ 324.00

Commercial Mortgage Foreclosure                                            $ 474.00

Residential Mortgage Foreclosure-Tier 1                                   $ 1,024.00

Residential Mortgage Foreclosure-Tier 2                                   $ 774.00

Residential Mortgage Foreclosure-Tier 3                                   $ 574.00 



Person to Hold Judicial or Foreclosure Sales of Real Estate

Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, all Judicial and Foreclosure Sales of Real Estate ordered as of the result of the foreclosure of a mortgage shall be assigned to the Court's Auctioneer who acts on behalf of both the Sheriff of Will County and the Circuit Court. The Court's Auctioneer shall prepare all documents required. The attorney for plaintiff shall furnish all information requested by the Court’s Auctioneer. The Plaintiff shall also give notice of the sale pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/15-1507(c)(3) to all parties in the action who have appeared and have not been found by the Court to be in default for failure to plead.


Chancery Forms
Lis Pendens Notice - 15D

Written Notice Used to Record That Lawsuit Concerning Real Estate Has Been Filed

Lis Pendens Notice - 15D

Verified Statement - 150

Verified Statement That Places Plaintiff in or Exempts Plaintiff From Particular Tier

Verified Statement - 150